BL 5D Lash Mixed Length

Eyelashes have nowadays become the most important and crucial aspect of any makeup regime. Without them, your eyes and your makeup looks incomplete. The special characteristics of these eyelashes make you look and feel better. But sometimes, external eyelashes may cause problems with your original eyelashes.

In contrast with all the other eyelashes, premade volume fan lashes show their uniqueness by gliding like a glove on the natural eyelashes.

As they do not cause any damage to the real eyelashes, the volume fan lashes are among the best choices to pick from during any occasion with any makeup or attire.

Special characteristics of the Premade Volume fan lashes:

The following are some of the specialties of Premade Volume fan lashes that will help to uplift your natural look.

  • Smooth attachment of the bottom to the strip:

The attachment of the strip is very smooth at the bottom and that is why it is easy to take-off these strips and attach them to the lashes. Also, the structure of these lashes is very smooth so you don’t need to worry about any rashes or allergies.

You just have to make sure that these lashes are properly taken care of and are in their best form.

  • Width is quite narrow:

The width of these lashes is quite narrow and this helps in making them very easy to handle. Also, the other amazing feature of these lashes is that they don’t cause any allergy and hence save you the hassle to keep changing or removing them from time to time.

They are very gentle on the skin and do not harm it at all even if they are kept attached to your skin for a very long time.

  • Nature is very light and soft:

The nature of these lashes is very soft and light and allows free passage of air through it without damaging its structure and keeping it intact for a longer period. That is why it is very flexible and easy to use for anyone who wants to make their eyelashes look pretty and unique in their way.


The above specifications of the premade volume fan lashes are very fascinating and the lashes give astonishing results to the people. These eyelashes are the best and this has been proven from time-to-time since its introduction in the makeup world.

With a little care and better handling, these lashes should hold their shape and form for a longer period without causing any harm to the eyes.