Sensitive Eyelash Glue

What are Sensitive eyelash glues?

Sensitive eyelash glues are used to keep the eyelashes in place and prevent them from falling out.

Sensitive eyelash glue is a type of glue that is used to attach false, synthetic lashes to your natural ones. It is an adhesive that adheres well to both natural and artificial lashes and is gentle enough to use on sensitive eyes.

The purpose of these glues is not just to keep one’s false lashes in place, but also to stop them from coming off at an inconvenient moment and getting all over their face or clothes. These types of glues are popular with people who have sensitive eyes that can sometimes get irritated by conventional false lash adhesives.

The glue is applied to the lashes, and it can either be a clear or colored formula. The glue can be removed easily with soap and water, so it’s not permanent.

How to use sensitive eyelash glues?

  • The first thing that you need to do when using sensitive eyelash glue is to clean off your natural lashes with a makeup remover.
  • You then need to apply the sensitive glue onto your natural lash line and wait for it to dry before applying the false lashes.
  • If you allow it to set properly, it will be much easier for you when applying fake lashes to your other eye. It is always a good idea to apply your lashes in an hour or so after applying the glue – this will give it enough time to dry properly and also provide a more secure hold on your lashes.
  • Keep in mind that if you want more volume, then use two coats of this type of glue on top of one another.

There are many different types of sensitive eyelash glues available in the market today to choose from.

Be Careful towards which glue you choose

Most Eyelash glues are primarily advertised as being safe for individuals with sensitive eyes. However, for people with contact lenses, allergies, and certain medical conditions, the negative side effects can outweigh the benefits.

Most lash adhesives claim to be hypoallergenic because they are made of 100% natural ingredients and contain no irritants that might cause allergic reactions. Though, this is not always the case. Sometimes, an eyelash adhesive may contain mineral oil which can cause eye irritation and smudging.

When choosing an adhesive for your lashes it is important to consider what type of adhesive you have sensitivity to or if you wear contact lenses or have any other medical condition that affects your eye health. This is why sensitive eyelash glue is a good option. They are perfect for people with sensitive eyes, which get irritated by conventional false lash adhesives.