Individual loose lashes can be your go-to eyelash extension option, whether you want dramatic smoky eyes or a natural look. These eyelash extensions can easily be applied at home within just 10 minutes. Individual lashes can be applied in conjunction with eyeliner and mascara. Here is a quick way to apply these loose lashes on a day-to-day basis:

  1. Apply Mascara

After applying your eyeliner and eyeshadow, add a few coats of volumizing or thickening mascara. Applying mascara provides a stronger base for the lashes to stick to and hide. Moreover, if you apply mascara after loose eyelashes, this may cause them to tilt, lift or fall out of their place.

  • Get the glue ready

Pour a small amount of glue into a plastic tray and wait for about a minute to let the glue get tacky. The glue will be ready to use when its outer layer starts thickening and color starts to change. This is done to make sure that the lashes bond quickly when placed. If the glue isn’t tacky, lashes won’t bond and may shift or fall off.

  • Apply Lashes 

Tilt your chin up as this will expose the eyelid and upper lashes. Use angled tweezers to pick the lash and tap its base into the glue. Now, drop the lash on your natural eyelash, starting from the outside and moving inward. When the glue is tacky enough, individual loose lashes with bond within a few seconds. Aim for the glue to bind with the base of your lashes and not with eyelids. 

After a few seconds, when the previous lash cluster is settled, pick another cluster and place it next to the previous. To get a flirty look, you can apply 3-4 lash clusters on the outer corner of your eye. If you want a fuller or dramatic look, you can apply a combination of 3-4 lashes on the entire line. 

As you place clusters and move towards the inner corner of your eye, you can trim the loose lashes from the top to mimic the original lashes. If any lash is accidentally misplaced, you can pluck it off with your finger and try again. 

  • Clamp

When you are finished placing lashes, and everything is placed as desired, let the lashes dry for 10 minutes. Now use a lash curler to clamp the lashes into your natural lash. The stickiness of your mascara will bond the fake lashes and make them blend with the natural lashes. 

Individual loose lashes should be removed before going to sleep. Leaving glue on your eyelids for an extended period can cause bacteria and dust to stick around your eyes and can lead to infection.